International Symposium on Health Systems BILBAO 2018 – THE STATE AS HEALTH DUTY BEARER: challenges and threats

International Symposium BILBAO 2018 - THE STATE AS HEALTH DUTY BEARER: challenges and threats

Experts from the health field at the international and local levels and from international cooperation will discuss the unknown but latent aspects of privatization and commodification of health systems with a global-local approach. This sharing will allow the interrelation of experiences from both the North and the South, giving a broader and more critical view of different health models and their contexts.

This is a conference mainly aimed at health professionals (Accreditation of Health Interest Recognition in process), people belonging to NGDOs, coordinators, social movements, students, health careers in institutions and the general public.

The health system is a determinant of health that can contribute to reducing or increasing social inequalities in health. The way in which health and health care is considered, from a social rights approach as a public good or, on the contrary, as a commodity or private property, will determine both equal access to it by all groups of people. Population, as well as the quality of health care received.

The conference will present the main conclusions drawn from the research «The State as a guarantor of health in the face of threats of privatization and commodification: the case of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the CAV», carried out by OPIK-Investigation Group of Health and Demographic Change Determinants of the EHU / UPV The documentary based on this research will also be screened.

These days are the framework of the project «Free Trade, Companies and Governments: Negotiating with Health» funded by the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation and organized by medicusmundi Bizkaia and UPV / EHU.


The category of Medical Interest for the days is being processed

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